Sparkling HR Water - Human Resources Office Art

Sparkling HR Water - Human Resources Office Art

New Human Resources Art - Sparkling HR Water: Formulated for the HR Professional!

Lately at our home, we've had a lot of flavored sparkling waters on hand, as our kids are like bottomless pits when it comes to eating and drinking.

So the other day, while doing some accounting work as it pertained to HR-related policies such as insurance coverages and paid-time off, I was inspired to make this new design - Sparkling HR Water!

This "Well-Being Flavor" is "Formulated for the HR Professional" and "Made with Real Juicy Policies"!

When you drink it, it "Empowers You To: Hire, Onboard, Train, Problem Solve, Manage, Support, and Fire"!

Proceed with caution when opening, as it has "Contents Under Pressure"!

Choose your art print on fine art paper or canvas.

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