Number Crunch Cereal for Accountants

Number Crunch Cereal for Accountants

New Accounting Art 

A Cereal for Accountants!

Remember eating all of that sugary cereal when you were a kid, like Captain Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

Now that you've grown up to be an Accountant, I have a cereal just for you.

Number Crunch Cereal!

Number Crunch Cereal is a balanced "Breakfast of Champion Accountants"! A "quality assured" cereal, its ingredient allocation is sure to please, with 50% assets, 25% liabilities and 25% equity! Plus, it's organic. And that, folks, is "the bottom line".

This number crunch cereal artwork is available as a print on fine art paper or canvas!

You can also purchase it on a mug here


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